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What COB Light Are

The cob light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a soft board, and then directly drops a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor powder on the surface of the chip, and the cob light strip is formed.


Pixel Lights are the smartest choice for permanent outdoor lighting. With efficient and intelligent technology, we are constantly innovating to give you a better experience with your lights. Easy to install, setup, and use! Pixel Lights makes sure that you never have to worry about your lights!

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"Excellent customer service from the time I received the quote until after I installed the LEDs. I’d say its the best LED strip in the market and it’s truly satisfaction guaranteed."
Mike Sendler
"l have used Hxtled for many jobs andhave been blown away with theirproduct selection and quality. But what llike the most is their customer service."
Melissa Miner
"These lights are badass! Very satisfiedwith this product. Lighting quality isexcellent. Highly recommend HXTLEDS."
Andrew Woods
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